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"The Best Feedback Tool for Realtors on the Market."

HomeGrader allows agents to quickly and easily get feedback for their listings, and share the feedback with their sellers.

Get The HomeGrader Report Today!Sell homes Faster.

By knowing the positive and negative aspects of a home you are better informed to sell that home quicker for your clients.

Get the feedback when you want it.

Instead of spending hours on the phone chasing down feedback for your clients just log into HomeGrader and let the system collect the feedback for you.

HomeGrader allows you to log all of your open houses and showings into one easy to use interface. Once the contacts have been logged the system will automatically email the contacts to solicit feedback from them. The system will even remind the contacts if they don’t answer the first email request. HomeGrader proves to your sellers that you are working on their behalf!

Send other agents your Feedback.

Maximize your time. How many times have you been interrupted by other agents asking for feedback on homes you have shown? HomeGrader agents can now login to HomeGrader to send feedback to agents that do not have HomeGrader yet. This means that even if an agent has not asked for feedback using HomeGrader you can still send them feedback that way, allowing you give feedback when it is convenient to you.

Get More Listings.

The HomeGrader report is an excellent secret weapon to win over sellers in a listing presentation. You will be giving them DIRECT access to what prospective buyers think of their home. This information will help them sell their home faster and for what they want for it.

Educate your sellers.

By involving your sellers in the sales process you are enabling them to make changes to their home to make it more sellable. Many times you told your seller that their home is over market price, or that they need to do something about the wall coverings? Now when they hear it from another source (prospective buyers) they will be more motivated to make changes that will move their property. Sellers can log into HomeGrader from your Web site, at any time, to view their feedback in real time.

Provide another level of service for your clients.

We are doing all we can for our sellers and getting feedback can be one of the more time consuming and frustrating elements of a client interaction. Let HomeGrader handle it all for you. Give your sellers that tool they are looking for and start working smarter and not harder. More and more real estate transactions are starting online today. People are looking for online tools for help. Deliver these services to your clients and you will gain more and more referrals from highly satisfied clients.

HomeGrader is affordably priced at $29.99 per month. This is a subscription based service meaning no contracts or obligations. With HomeGrader you always get unlimited listings and unlimited showings, no hidden fees ever!


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